Today(16th October) I read a blog from the United States of America that states that too often people within the DS community often “sugar-coat” the condition and only ever post “cute” pictures giving a skewed view of reality.

I can see a bit of where they are coming from, I don’t often post pictures after a day at nursery when the girls are covered in snot and muck but does anybody ever post a picture of themselves looking crap?? Celebrities are often airbrushed to make themselves look their best, so it’s not unique to families with DS to skew posts and pictures to showcase the good.

I had to post the below pictures to highlight that it is not an easy road that we are on, it’s not sugar coated, the girls definately suffer at times. BUT like Finlay, our son, they get chicken pox and it’s not pleasant.

I guess what I am getting at is that the girls are no different when it comes to illness other than on occasions it hits them that bit harder. We have our hard times believe me xxx