Gala Dinner


THE BIG ONE……….19th March 2016 we will be hosting a gala dinner at The Pines Hotel, Chorley. This is to tie in and celebrate World Downs Syndrome Day on the 21st. Further details will be released but we will start selling tickets very shortly and the event will comprise of a three course meal, entertainment and various fun bits and pieces.

IronMan June 2016


Chorley striker Josh Hine has signed up for the Staffordshire half IronMan in June 2016. He has expressed a desire to use the event raise awareness of Twincess by doing it in the official Twincess triathlon kit. fantastic gesture. Thanks Josh


Girls in front of the Camera

You have to very adaptable to different situations in my line of work, from positive and upbeat, when everyones getting sick of you pestering them with a camera for their companies corporate video, to persevering after filming a 20km race in the mud. I did have a perception that filming with children with Down Syndrome would be a challenge. I’ve never really known anyone with Down Syndrome and was very naive to what it means and how it effects peoples lives. I can honestly say that it was one of the most enjoyable shoots I’ve ever done.

When we were filming, I felt that a lot of the questions I was asking to the children, who where friends and family of the girls, came as a bit of a surprise to them. I don’t think any of them could tell you the medical terms behind DS… neither could I. So, when I was asked to write this short blog, I was a little lost as to what to say really about the girls and DS, because I found that they were happy, playful and full of energy, as any young children are.

It was fantastic to see how many charity events the whole family gets involved and it has certainly made the Parry family a very strong family. It seems all their friends are showing support and getting involved in different events and enjoying them. Which is definitely a testament to just how happy and great Abigail and Isobel are that everyone wants to be around them all the time and help raise awareness of what DS is really like. Fin, the girls older brother, was brilliant while we were filming. He has completed numerous charity competitions and he’s only 7, I’ve since seen all the help he gives his little sisters around the house from pictures posted on Facebook which is absolutely inspirational.

We managed to get some great footage and my colleagues and I are keen to be involved and help out in the awareness raising process, we’ll be at the Twincess Ball where the video will be shown. Looking forward to a great evening and meeting a few new faces.