Down to earth

In January 2013 we were watching Corrie and the conversation went a little bit like this, “Babe, I have put your name down to do a sky dive in September, I would do it myself but I am over the weight limit”, “Oh, OK thanks” I replied. I must admit I wasn’t really listening.
Within minutes My phone pinged and Facebook was going mad. Matt had put a status out saying what I was doing and seeing if anybody else fancied joining me. Volunteers came in thick and fast and the months passed by. The local newspaper had got hold of the story and this was published, pictures were taken with me, the girls and some of the volunteers.
The reality began to dawn on me, but convincing myself that if I was going to die then at least I would be very closely strapped to a charming, muscley man helped. However, when I looked at my girls, the reality was I was doing it for them, the awareness, publicity and support the event was getting meant that the Twincess message was going far and wide.
The sponsorship flowed from all 11 of the volunteers, and to see the total raised on the Virgin money site was inspiring.
I don’t normally do nerves so didn’t think too much about falling at ridiculous speeds from 13,000feet. The morning of the dive came and the skies were clear and blue, not a cloud in the sky. Finlay had stayed at Nanna’s the night before and so it was just me, Matt and the girls making the trip to Lancaster. I was giddy with anticipation and then the radio presenter asked for people to ring in saying what they were doing today. I couldn’t resist. I rang up and got a few minutes on air which again was a great plug for the charity and also he explained how he didn’t want to put me off but he had done a dive himself and hated every second but he wished me luck with my adrenalin rush.
Being the organisers we got there a little early but everyone had arrived by the 11:30 registration time. At this time I was stood in a room with 10 other people, all signing declarations that they were happy to put their life at risk for the sake of our campaign and to raise awareness of Downs Syndrome. To say I was humbled and emotional was an understatement. 2 people who I had brought into this world had brought all of these people together and all because they wanted to help us. No matter how hard I tried I could never put that moment into words.
I had watched people play rounders, golf, football and even swim Lake Windermere but nothing prepared me for how grateful I would be that someone was willing to throw themselves out of a plane for Twincess.
So with a huge crowd of friends and family in the viewing gallery I boarded the plane. The sky had changed by now and was looking far greyer. I climbed the rickety step ladder and sat down, tightly strapped to my partner, I could barely move. The plane began it’s take off but aborted at the final minute as the pilot had decided the weather was now too inclement. This better not be fate!!
Everyone had to get off an spend the next two hours in the canteen. Suddenly there was a break in the cloud and the wait was over. Off we go again. Kisses were given to the nearest and dearest again and I was back in my seat on the plane.
There were plenty of things going through my mind but none of them were fear. In no time at all the doors flung open and we were shuffling to the door. We rocked, 1….2…..3. I was falling through the sky. It was breathtaking, it seemed to last for hours. As I floated to the ground the first three people I saw were my 3. children. PRICELESS….all full of smiles and holding their arms out for a cuddle. That day I was someone’s reason to smile xx
We had raised a great amount of money and awareness and I had achieved something so personal that it will take a lot to ever surpass it.