Is Mainstream school the right place for the girls?

In 2014 the time had come for us to make a very big decision. A decision that could affect the future of our girls for ever!

Is Mainstream school the right place for the girls?

Before the girls turned 3 there development from an outsider’s point of view would be very slow. To us as a family who witnessed there personal hurdles day in and day out, they were doing well. But were they doing well enough? It had taken 3 years for the girls to learn to walk. A task that in general would be achieved by the 12 month marker.

All I have or will ever want for my Children is what is best for them. All 3 of them. The girls love nursery , it’s a Mainstream nursery and apart from 2 chairs to support the girls when they were very young they didn’t need to make any changes for the girls they just fit straight in and there transitions from baby to toddler and then pre-school have all gone very well and without any upset. There is no doubt in my mind that by putting the girls in a mainstream nursery was the right thing to do.

 This however felt like a much bigger decision to make. The girl’s first language at the minute is sign and then 5-6 actual spoken words. The school the girl’s big brother goes to was always going to be where we would want the girls to attend. It is a mainstream school who also sign and already has 2 children with Down syndrome who attend so I know they are able to cater for the girls. It is also a very popular school with a lot of applicants each year , this was a major concern because if we made the choice to go to mainstream and then the school we had chosen had no room for them we were stuck as there is no other school in the area that use sign.

 When we compared the alternative schools we were worried that although the schools were beyond equipped for the girls they catered for severe   learning difficulties, for children her were unable to walk, talk, and feed themselves in fact they were 100 per dependant. Please don’t get me wrong these facilities are much needed and the people who work there do an incredible job and it would be as if the girls were taking the place of someone who needed it more than we felt the girls did.

 On 4th December 3 weeks before the deadline we submitted the forms for Mainstream primary school and crossed are fingers and toes.

 On 15th April 2015 we got the news that the results were due be  released at 0001hrs and there was just no way on this planet I could have gone to bed knowing they would be available while I was sleeping . I’m not going to lie I poured myself a small pint of Baileys fully charged my I pad ,Phone and laptop just in case one failed and although I knew I wasn’t going to get an answer before midnight I refreshed the screen every minute from 23.00 hrs until the clock struck midnight and then I just felt sick the next click would tell me what I had wanted to know all this time , I took a deep breath and hit the button and there they were Abigail Parry 1st choice Isobel Parry 1st choice it was the best news ever!!!! We got exactly what we wanted and both girls had been accepted at the School we wanted.

The next morning we told Finlay that his baby sisters were soon going to be joining him at big school and he was over the moon.