Time Flies

Back in 2012 I wrote about how we were given a diagnosis of Down syndrome and I had very little idea about what the future held for us!
Well where do I begin, the girls; “baby sisters” as we generally call them have gone above and beyond anything I could have imagined. I did say in my previous blog that I didn’t like people sugar coating everything but I would really struggle to put anything negative about the development of the girls. Please don’t get me wrong they are hard work!!! They are 3 year old identical twins and I think I would struggle to find anyone in the world with 3 year old twins a 6 year old boy and a full time job working shifts that would say life was a walk in the park.

When it took 9 months for the girls to be able to support their own heads I thought we were in for a very long hard ride, we did get a lot of help from portage workers and the odd visit from occupational therapy but I was struggling to see any great improvement. People we’re trying to assure me that it would come but I wasn’t seeing it!! Then the girls started doing things, they could lift their head from the ground using their arms to support them and then came the roll and it felt like we were actually getting somewhere, then things stopped again and for another 6 months there was no more progression and again I was a little disheartened but to prove me wrong they started to do more they were sitting and posting objects. we got the odd little bum shuffle and again it stopped for another 6 months but this time I didn’t get disheartened, I just realised that they could and would do everything I wanted but in their own time! It was as if they were spending 6 months planning and then with a ready steady go they were off again.  Their signing, their recognition, their muscle tone it was all coming together, but most importantly they had both developed an incredible yet very different personality!

By the time the girls were 2 and a half I really felt like they were little people who knew how to love and show affection, they had learnt how to play, how to share and were starting to show signs of walking. This was a biggy for me, but in true baby sisters style we froze for another 6 months and then at 3 they just started to try walking!

We are now very wise to their pattern and knew that we really had to push them while they were on a peak and make the most of it and that’s what we did, we pushed and pushed and they finally did it!!!!

They are now at 3 and a half and all they have left to do in my eyes is develop by increasing their education, communication and continue to do me very proud.