Un-breakable bond

I’m not a twin and I don’t know any other twins very well but what I do know is there is an incredible bond between my girls. People often talk about “the twin thing” I don’t what it is but without a doubt there is “a twin thing” going on between these 2.

There has always been a noticeable connection between the girls, they were often put in the same little crib at the hospital as obviously they were used to being close and they always appeared a lot more content when they were together so when they came home from the hospital we kept them in the same cot and they stayed together until 6 months old when they were getting a little bit too big to share a cot.

Although at such a young age they were limited to the things they were able to do; they were always together, they would feel for each other hold hands and are always aware of each other!

As the girls have got older their bond has become more obvious! I often walk into a room and they will be stood holding hands, they shout each other on the rare occasion there not in the same room, but they definitely speak their own language; they sit themselves down always very close together and they jabba there is no other word for it one will mumble the other will either agree or disagree then they will out of nowhere start to dance or play with a certain thing or pretend to sleep! To watch it’s hilarious because without saying a single English word they know exactly what has just been said by the other.
If one girl cries the other will come and tell you; a bit like lassie the dog they will pass on the message your help is needed or if one of them bangs or scratches themselves the other will hold the hand and present them to me and point to the affected area .

They also always dress the same, I take full responsibility for that, but if one is dressed and the other not, I will be brought the matching clothes and point at their undressed sister as if to say come on mummy we don’t look the same. If I make one a drink they would sign there sister’s name and the word drink until I have made one each and the same with biscuits or meals. One will never accept anything unless they know there sister is getting exactly the same.

This is all very cute and sometimes a little spooky but it’s not always cute and cuddly I have sometimes walked into a room at hearing a cry and the crying sister will sit pointing at her sister , clearly blaming them for the fact they are crying!! They will always sign sorry and they always cuddle and kiss after so I secretly like it as watching that bond melts my heart.
They both have a great relationship with Finlay there big brother but the bond between the girls is something else!!!