Since the launch of Twincess a series of fundraising events have been held. From talent shows to black tie events. From football tournaments to golf days. From skydiving to curry nights. They’re all different but with one theme. They all raise awareness about Down’s syndrome and money for Twincess. All the money raised now is being used to help families with children with Down’s syndrome.


First Day At School

The unknown approaches. Their independence beckons. It’s caused a lot of deliberation and a lot of questions but today is the start of the rest of their lives.

Monday 7th September 2015 will be the date the girls embarked on their primary school adventure. Is anybody ready? Jodi and I? The girls? The school? It’s like the moment you get to the very top of the roller coaster and just wait for the click as the brakes are released and the adventure begins.

It is an extremely proud moment and one which we really didn’t see some 4 years ago when we first got the girls diagnosis. We know there will be struggles, times when we evaluate if our decision was in fact the right one but at this very moment it feels perfect, the next step on their journey of discovery. We are delighted to have the full support of the school and the staff, the support of parents who are already part of the school playground and also some of the pupils who already know the girls.

Watching them walk towards the gates as ‘pupils’ was strange. We’ve been coming for years picking Fin up, but they were babies, in their pushchair coming to pick up their big brother. Now it dawned on me, my babies are little girls, no longer can I watch their every move, remove every danger, protect them at each and every turn they had to learn for themselves. They had to bounce back from falls without daddy’s cuddles to reassure them, they needed to get tough and hold their own in the playground.

Maybe if they had looked back or showed any emotion other than complete excitement at going to school it would have made me feel slightly more wanted but….I’m only kidding seeing their faces is a memory we will never forget.