Since the launch of Twincess a series of fundraising events have been held. From talent shows to black tie events. From football tournaments to golf days. From skydiving to curry nights. They’re all different but with one theme. They all raise awareness about Down’s syndrome and money for Twincess. All the money raised now is being used to help families with children with Down’s syndrome.


Gala Dinner


THE BIG ONE……….19th March 2016 we will be hosting a gala dinner at The Pines Hotel, Chorley. This is to tie in and celebrate World Downs Syndrome Day on the 21st. Further details will be released but we will start selling tickets very shortly and the event will comprise of a three course meal, entertainment and various fun bits and pieces.

IronMan June 2016


Chorley striker Josh Hine has signed up for the Staffordshire half IronMan in June 2016. He has expressed a desire to use the event raise awareness of Twincess by doing it in the official Twincess triathlon kit. fantastic gesture. Thanks Josh


Gala Dinner

Where do I start with the Charity Ball. Firstly a huge thank you to all people that supported the event in the build-up, the people donating (and sorting donations) of the prizes, The Pines Hotel for their help / assistance and advice and finally for the people that organised tables which made it significantly easier for us.

There was plenty of stress in the build-up, tantrums, concerns and unexpected costs but nevertheless the day arrived and there was no looking back. There were a few complications in the morning and mixed messages however come 5:30 everything was ready for the guests to arrive.

I met with Natalie McGrath (the evening entertainment) and Tom (the DJ), both were consummate professionals and they were far and away above our expectations. Chris Maguire as ever was diligent in his research prior to PA’ing the evening. Heather Rigbye (who happened to have been our wedding photographer 9 years previously) turned up and set up her kit. It was beginning to look the part.

Best bib and tucker on and down to The Dixon Suite to start welcoming guests. It soon filled up and people were invited to their seats. I was so happy when my mum (who was on babysitting duties for the night) brought the girls and Fin to the event to be able to meet some of the people and steal the show. They left and we sat down and began the evening. It flowed very well and the acoustic set by Natalie was out of this world. The quality of food was very good and the service great. Back to Natalie and I have never known people up and dancing prior to the end of the meal but her set was incredible.

She rightly took a break as the meal ended and Tom took over accompanied by Chris Maguire who began to introduce the evening. Jonjo Kerr and Craig Dootson bore the brunt of many of Chris’ bantor but it was taken in great spirit. Then Jodi brought the house to its feet with a standing ovation. Her speech made even my bottom lip wobble and I knew what was coming having read it prior to the night. There was many people snivelling and a number of people tearful. These were not sad tears but ones of pride, achievement and support from people who had been on the 4 year journey to now.

It was then that we played the video that had been months in the making. Tunafish, Manchester had done a number of filming sessions with us and compiled a short video to show what Twincess is all about and asked friends and families for their observations. This was amazing and very well received by the audience and then it was on to the auction. Some fantastic prizes were on offer and a great amount raised.

The rest of the evening was then left to Tom and Natalie who sent guests home happy and made the evening such a huge success. It was a magical evening and well worth the blood sweat and tears in creating it.

There are so many thank you’s that Jodi and I wish to highlight but I have passed my thanks on individually to these people. All that remains is for me to collect a few outstanding funds and then present the cheque to the “Start it Right – Tell it Right” Campaign that is being run by the Downs Syndrome Association. This is the campaign we chose to support as it is so close to our hearts and are privileged to be able to donate £3,000 as a result of this event.