Since the launch of Twincess a series of fundraising events have been held. From talent shows to black tie events. From football tournaments to golf days. From skydiving to curry nights. They’re all different but with one theme. They all raise awareness about Down’s syndrome and money for Twincess. All the money raised now is being used to help families with children with Down’s syndrome.


Gala Dinner


THE BIG ONE……….19th March 2016 we will be hosting a gala dinner at The Pines Hotel, Chorley. This is to tie in and celebrate World Downs Syndrome Day on the 21st. Further details will be released but we will start selling tickets very shortly and the event will comprise of a three course meal, entertainment and various fun bits and pieces.

IronMan June 2016


Chorley striker Josh Hine has signed up for the Staffordshire half IronMan in June 2016. He has expressed a desire to use the event raise awareness of Twincess by doing it in the official Twincess triathlon kit. fantastic gesture. Thanks Josh


Its A Knockout

The weeks leading up to Its A Knockout had been extremely stressful as is always the case. A few people were unable to make it and then a few complete teams dropped out……Is it all worth it? I asked myself. We still had no burger van and the forecast was dreadful…..

The day before we had managed to sort out the food, we had accepted 16 teams was a good number and went to visit the venue as the organisers had arrived. On the way my phone pinged as a few more people wanted to take part so we put together a 17th team. I got to Charnock Richard FC and the lorry had got stuck on the field and sunk due to the soft ground. Aaaarrrggghhh

We met star for the day Tommy Jessop who has appeared in many popular TV shows as well as the theatre at a local pub with his mum Jane. It was great to meet them and discuss various things.

We woke up early due to Fin being so excited and the weather was grim. Some things you can’t control so loaded the car and headed up to Charnock Richard. We got there and we were not the first. Burger man was in position, many of the obstacles and games were ready, a few teams were getting prepared AND the weather had dried up.

About 11:30 Jen from Dance Syndrome, a local dance group in Preston took to the stage for the warm up. She was amazing and had choreographed it all herself, she really got the crowd going. Chairman,Chris Maguire took to the stage alongside our guest Tommy Jessop. They opened the day and off the teams went.

Water seemed to feature in many of the games plunge pool / fill the elephant / obstacle course / tunnel and coits then there was foam sprayed basketball / human table football and others. A day filled with kids, friends and families all having a great time.

Although raising awareness of Downs Syndrome was our aim, the fact that many competitors with DS simply participated within teams unnoticeable was more than we could have imagined. Inclusion and acceptance was incredible, and the integration was seamless. Absolutely perfect and made all of the stress in the build up worthwhile.

It was great to meet so many new people as well as those that have been on the journey with us from the start, thank you doesn’t even come close to the gratitude we have for you all. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

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