Since the launch of Twincess a series of fundraising events have been held. From talent shows to black tie events. From football tournaments to golf days. From skydiving to curry nights. They’re all different but with one theme. They all raise awareness about Down’s syndrome and money for Twincess. All the money raised now is being used to help families with children with Down’s syndrome.


Gala Dinner


THE BIG ONE……….19th March 2016 we will be hosting a gala dinner at The Pines Hotel, Chorley. This is to tie in and celebrate World Downs Syndrome Day on the 21st. Further details will be released but we will start selling tickets very shortly and the event will comprise of a three course meal, entertainment and various fun bits and pieces.

IronMan June 2016


Chorley striker Josh Hine has signed up for the Staffordshire half IronMan in June 2016. He has expressed a desire to use the event raise awareness of Twincess by doing it in the official Twincess triathlon kit. fantastic gesture. Thanks Josh


Stretching Out In The Name Of Twincess

Recently I have participated in a few different events to help raise awareness of Twincess, firstly the Lancashire Pennine 10k in Burnley, followed by the Spartan Race Super at Heaton Park, then the We Love Manchester 10k the following weekend.

The Pennine Lancashire 10k was a very hilly course and the weather was perfect for running, but the start was delayed for about 30 mins as there was a car parked on a roundabout near the start. The first 5k was mainly going uphill and I personally got to a point where if there was another uphill I would be struggling to reach my Personal Best (previously 51:08), luckily at around 5k there was a massive downhill for about 1km so that gave me the active rest needed to get a good time. The finish line being at the top of a massive hill, so that sprint finish was very difficult. I managed a PB of 50:46 on this one.

The Spartan Super (the weekend after) was something totally different, something I haven’t done before so was well out of my comfort zone. It was essentially a 10k run in the park, but every 0.5-1km there was an obstacle, if you didn’t complete an obstacle or couldn’t do one you had to do 30 burpees. There were obstacles like wall climbing, weights on ropes that you had to get to the top, crawling through rivers with barbed wire above you, clambering through mud upto your hips, carrying tyres while you were running; and it finishes with a fire jump. It was an amazing experience and something I’ll definitely be doing again – I managed to finish in 1 hour 53 minutes which wasn’t too bad as we had to queue up for the obstacles. It was hard work and we had lots of cuts and bruises from it but it was well worth it, even just to have the Twincess t-shirt on and lots of people asking about them was great.

The We Love Manchester 10k was the following weekend, the course was good – few hills around the Etihad Stadium, lots of people dressed up in different charities costumes – a panda pushing a wheel barrow. It was a great atmosphere and I was averaging dead on 5 mins a km which was great as my aim was less than 50. Weather was warm and sunny which can hinder you but the course was good and I managed to finish in 49:45 which I was extremely chuffed about.

Its always a pleasure to wear the Twincess t shirt, at the end of the day I’m only running with it on but as soon as somebody asks me about Twincess it is like mission complete as I can explain about the twins and Matt, Jodie and Fin. Great cause but even better people!!